• PROprima

    we Advise + we Design + we Develope

  • PROprima

    we Advise + we Design + we Develope

  • PROprima

    we Advise + we Design + we Develope


PROprima deals with F&B unit technology planning in different phases of design and implementation. When we work on designing F&B plants such as bars, cafés, pubs, and restaurants, we work closely with designers from other disciplines (architects, designers, mechanical installations designers, electrical installations designers...). The aim of the company is developing new ideas or products for preparation, distribution or transportation of ready dishes. At PROprima, we are proud to be the only Slovenian company to employ a designer of technology who is an active member of The Slovenian Chamber of Engineers (IZS) and also a member of the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI). We regularly monitor trends in the hospitality industry and participate in all major trade fairs in the field of hospitality and food.


Do you need help with designing a new professional kitchen? Do you want to reduce the energy consumption in the kitchen and spend less money for water and cleaning products? PROprima offers consulting on the logistics of food transport. We offer solutions for the transport of food products to your final costumers and make sure your food will be delicious also after a few hours of transport.


PROprima is specialized in designing professional kitchens and various restaurant facilities. To prepare a completly precise three-dimensional model of a kitchen we are using modern BIM technology. If you have a new business idea and you would like to upgrade it with the quality plan of technological equipment, you have come to the right place – PROprima has a solution for you!


Development of new products and searching new ideas represent a great challenge for us. Let it be a new food truck or a special transport container – your order is not only a job for us, but a personal challenge.


PROprima experts propose plans for technological equipment in various stages of construction:
- Project task planning and design drawing outline
- Conceptual design
- Basic design (as part design documents)
- Detailed design
- As-built design

FCSI Member

Since 2009, PROprima has been a member of Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI), the premier association promoting professionalism in foodservice and hospitality consulting. We regularly attend annual conferences and are proud of the fact that FCSI twice awarded us with Best Kitchen Design Prize.

Definition of planning and design according to the Building and Construction Law

Planning and design are defined as the production of project documentation and technically related consultancy. In relation to a set of plans that make up these documents, planning and design are divided into architectural and landscape planning, building design and to other types of planning.

Definition of a project in Design Documents Rules

The project consists of: – the main file – plans and – elaborations. Individual plans are numbered in the following order: No. 1: Architectural plans, No. 2: Landscape architecture plans, No. 3: Building construction plans and other building plans, No 4: Plans of power installations and electrical equipment, No. 5: Plans of mechanical installations and hardware, No. 6: Telecommunications plans, No. 7: Technological plans, No. 8: Excavation and primary substructure plans.

The Slovenian Chamber of Engineers (IZS) Member

PROprima is an active member of the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, Technologist Parent Section. Primož Černigoj is an IZS authorized engineer technologist, as well as an active member of the expert council of the section .

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Take a look at some of the PROprima’s projects. We have either made the plans for the catering units or actively participated in the construction. Each of the projects we have worked on has represented a great challenge for us and is considered as an important reference.


Here are some interesting and attractive events, projects, equipment, cities and kitchens we have visited, seen or experienced.

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