In designing our kitchens we use a BIM technology (Building Information Modelling) based software. Are you familiar with the BIM technology?
BIM is a means of designing as well as a process of constructing and managing a digital model/data, which is used to design, construct and maintain a facility throughout its life span. It enables a more contemporary and sophisticated approach to construction and design, allowing the implementation of different fields of expertise and working processes which usually require manual merging and an assessment of their appropriateness. The aim of BIM is an efficient, energy-saving and an environmentally friendly facility.
– the software enables three-dimensional drawing together with the option of photorealistic photographs, at the same time modern technology enables a three-dimensional virtual perspective of the kitchen
– quicker detection of any incongruities between the installation and the architectural blueprints
– better cooperation between the members of the project team
– multiple project designers can work simultaneously
– drawings of individual walls in 1:20 proportion (elevation view) enable a more precise execution of GOI and easier communication on the facility